When Magical Transformation Happens?

The “Magical” Transformation That Happens When You Combine Two Of The Best Brain Reprogramming Technologies.

You’ve heard of NLP?

It’s almost cultish.

It stands for neuro-linguistic programming and it’s like someone had taken the best out of all forms of psychotherapy, threw them in a blender and created NLP.

If you don’t get what I’m saying, NLP is two things.

First, it is a way of thinking. It’s a framework for how to approach your life to be more effective. It’s like a philosophy of life based on understanding how your brain functions.

Second, it is a psycho-therapy tool. It’s used to treat phobias and to change beliefs in patients. Some consider it as effective as CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) and most say it’s a lot faster than the Freudian school of thought.

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Because at the core of NLP lies hypno-therapy. To be more specific, the “behavioral changing” part of NLP is built on the teachings of Milton Erickson, one if not the most famous hypnotherapists of all times. And you know what hypno-therapy does?

It’s an access, a hack, to your subconscious mind

Let me give you this analogy. Imagine your mind being like a computer. Your conscious mind is accessing programs, turning it on and off and so on. Normal user access. Your subconscious mind is like going into the settings, installing applications, deleting them, adding new users and so on.

It’s the “engine” or the “back room” that controls everything.

Well, NLP is like a hacker that can break the password of your subconscious mind and change there. It allows you to change beliefs and to change who you are, as a person, to your core. It goes to those deep thoughts and ideas you don’t even know you have and makes you act differently by tweaking your basic concepts of self.

It hijacks your subconscious mind, and it does it very well.

And with the use of NLP you can eliminate phobias, you can change basic preferences (as not liking chocolate anymore) or you can even cure wounds from the past, as those from childhood. It’s effective. It works well, and it’s endorsed by some of the best-known authors in the world. Tony Robbins built his career and success on NLP and if you run a survey amongst successful people, you’ll see that many of them are NLP practitioners or masters.

You can’t mess with what works.

So why am I telling you this?

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If NLP is like a hacker that tweaks your subconscious mind so you can become the person you want to be, if NLP is like a design tool that allows you to redesign who you are, then brainwave entrainment is a tool that makes it faster and easier.

If NLP is the thief that breaks the lock-pick, then the use of brainwave entrainment with it is like having the best lock-pick in the world, making the process effortlessly.

And what does this mean for you?

It’s simple.

Use them both. Use the amazing power of NLP to change beliefs and self-identity concepts and use the power of brainwave entrainment to help your subconscious mind be receptive and open. Open the door with brainwave syncing and change the furniture with NLP.

A simple way to understand this is music.

Think about it and how easy it has the power to change you. You listen to a song and you’re not even paying attention to the lyrics. And yet, if it’s a sad song, you become sad. If it’s a lively song, it boosts your energy. If you listen it many times, you end up thinking like in the song.

Music is a great example of a tool that accesses your subconscious mind without even realizing. You turn on YouTube and through repetition and emotion, you end up being one with the music.

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Have you tried reading a book you had no interest in reading? Maybe for college or work?

You read the words; they are verbalized in your mind but you end up forgetting everything. They “enter one year and exit another”. This is because your subconscious mind is as closed as it gets and learning can not happen in your conscious dimension.

This is why I use NLP in all my tools.

Brainwave entrainment is amazing for helping your mind operate at that higher frequency. They’re like Vitamin C for your life, making everything better. And if you use brainwave entrainment, this is enough to attract, to manifest good things in your life because you’ll be operating at a higher level.


True, lasting change comes not by attracting things in our lives but by changing who we are so those things become a natural order. It’s when we change our beliefs and ideas so we transform into people for whom success and happiness are two natural things.

And this is where NLP works so well. It works for everything from curing phobias of spiders to getting past PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to program you to be more confident in front of a crowd or to be more assertive with your coworkers.

This is because while short-term wins are great – if you want a successful life, you must become the person who is naturally successful. And the only difference between you and a successful person is that the other one developed the beliefs and identity of such a person. If you develop them too, there’s nothing stopping you from doing just.

I build my program “Manifestation Magic” around NLP.

Magical Transformation

Each audio contains hidden embedded commands that reprogram your subconscious mind. Like a good hacker, brainwave syncing is opening the path to your subconscious mind while NLP commands are transforming who you are into the best version you could ever be.

These are called “NLP patterns” and they’re designed to be as easy to receive by the subconscious mind as possible. I do this through a combination of pacing, intonation and wording so your mind can accept them as commands, as truth, without getting defensive. It’s like music, just so much more powerful.

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Basically, an NLP pattern is what a hypno-therapist would tell you to put you into a trance. It is highly suggestive language that bypasses your rational filters to reach where it matters most, your subconscious mind.

NLP plus brainwave entrainment is like having a hacker change your mind. NLP alone can access your subconscious thoughts but when paired with brainwave entrainment, the results are mind blowing. You can see a real change in days when all other methods you’ve tried for a long time like therapy failed.

This is the secret behind “Manifestation Magic”.

This is why it works. It works because instead of just using brainwave entrainment to help you operate at a higher frequency, at a higher vibration, it also changes who you are at your core. The result is a total personal transformation into the person you’ve always wanted to be but never known how.

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How To Attract Good Luck?

How To Attract Good Luck?

How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day By Raising Your Vibration!

It is one thing that a few people swear it works, a few people think it’s B.S. and most, do not understand.

If you’re amongst those that have heard about this before but don’t know what it is or how it works, I don’t blame you. Google this and you’ll get a complicated scientific explanation.

You’ll learn about frequencies and brainwaves and how the brain works and many other things that make your head spin. I’m surprised that you aren’t required to have a PhD to learn about brainwave entrainment, because honestly, it feels that complicated sometimes and I’m one person who knows how to do this right.

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So instead of giving you another complex definition of this, with theta and gamma states, I’ll ask you a basic question.

Have you ever had moments in your life when you felt like you “attracted” good luck?

You know what I’m talking about? You walk down the street and you feel people love you. They smile at you, nod at you and you feel connected to those around you.

You go to work and your boss is actually agreeable and amazing to work with. If only he’d be like this each day, you’d love your job. You meet with your friends and they’re so kind and friendly and you feel so supported.

Or maybe you even attract some amazing things in your life. You end up meeting an amazing person who becomes your significant other. Or some large sum of money comes from nowhere and you have no idea how this happened.

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Did this ever happened to you?

Chances are that it did.

It happened to all of us. We all have rare moments when everything seems to just work fine. In those moments, the universe falls into order and you get exactly what you want.

After so many good things happened to you, you end up scratching your head and you ask yourself two questions…

“How the hell all of this happened after everything in my life was a frustrating mess for so long?”


“How can I make this happen again?”

The answer to both questions is simple. You were operating on a higher vibration level. You were in sync with the world around you and because of this; you were attracting all that’s good and joyful.

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It’s nothing random. Maybe you, as a person, you looked and acted exactly the same. But your energy, the rate at which the particles your body vibrated were very different. They were at an optimal rate and because of this, instead of encountering frustration and pain and loss as we usually do, you attracted love and wealth and success.

It’s as simple as that.

Call it however you want, but when you’re on a low frequency, you are disconnected by those around you. You are disconnected to your world. You’re like a piece of an engine that is not fit anymore. It causes friction. It hurts more than it helps.

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When you’re on a high vibration, high frequency, you’re like a well tuned, well-maintained engine and everything comes to you effortless. Life works. And yes, maybe modern science can’t explain this but it’s true because we are all experiencing it.

Everyone from average people to CEOs experienced periods in their life where everything fell in place where they attracted everything they ever wanted. And just like you, they’ve asked themselves how the heck all of this happened and what they could do for this to happen again.

So where does brainwave entrainment comes into play?

It’s a tool.

It’s a tool we’re so lucky to know about because it allows your brain to adapt and operate on that higher vibration level. Brainwave syncing are for the human brain what a Formula 1 pit crew is for a high performance car.

It takes even the worse out of sync brain, the one that’s operating on a very low frequency and constantly attracts pain and suffering and makes it work. It brings focus and energy and passion and increases the vibration of the user to the level where his life changes completely.

It’s so effective that some people call it “smart drugs for the brains” or “the best self-development tool that was ever created”. And I believe they’re right. I have noticed better results by using brainwave entrainment than anything else. Better than reading, better than journaling, better than meditation, even better than paying high priced energy healers.

This is how brainwave entrainment helps you.

Behind all those fancy terms, behind all those scientific explanations that almost nobody understands, brainwave entrainment work because it raises your vibrations. They help your brain work better. They put you in sync with the universe. And they help you act at your best, attracting the right people and circumstances in your life.

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I mean, just imagine how your life would be if every day you’d be at your best. If every day you’d have that rare energy and focus and passion that attracts the right people and circumstances in your life. If each day, instead of pain and problems and obstacles, you’d be showered with good fortune.

Imagine how you’d feel if you could manifest your most precious goal in the next 24 hours. You could attract the person you love or attract money in your life or maybe get that opportunity to advance at work.

And now, picture a life where this happens each day, day in and day out, where good fortune is not some rare event that happens twice a year but a daily occurrence.

Do you want to do this?

Then I have exactly what you need.

I have created an unique program designed to bring your brain to the higher frequencies we’ve discussed. It’s plug and play. You need not do any homework with this. You need not research what different frequencies do or how to use them properly.

You just play them at night or when you’re resting and it will slowly adapt and tweak your brain for the higher vibrations you want. It’s like vitamin C. You listen to it and things get better but while vitamin C will prevent you from getting colds and will improve your immune system, what I have for you will help you manifest money, love, power or anything else that’s of importance to you.

Attract Good Luck

So here’s the deal.

I call this program “Manifestation Magic”.

It’s the only program, as far as I know, that is especially designed to help you manifest what you desire in your life. Most brainwave entrainment programs are designed to just help you focus better or maybe to have more mental power.

This is admirable but I don’t want you to do math faster in your head. I don’t want you to be more productive. This is good but it will still take you years to get what you want.

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I want you to manifest the life you desire.

I want you to attract, today, the love, the success, the wealth, the prosperity that’s rightfully yours.

You don’t have to read anything.

You don’t have to study.

You don’t have to actively participate in this.

You need to use it and to let the power of brainwave syncing tweak your brain and bring it on a higher level of vibration. You download it, put it on your phone and tonight, before you go to sleep, play it.

You need not do anything special.

Put your headsets on, listen and let it change it. Then soon you’ll see how things are different in your life. How people are more receptive. How opportunities you’ve never thought about show from nowhere. How everything feels right and you know this is “your day”.

And with the help of “Manifestation Magic”, every day will be your day.

Click on the link below to get started with brainwave entrainment and to manifest what you truly desire in your life.

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The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

The Powerful Secrets of Sound & Vibration

Did you know sound is one of the most powerful tools for healing in existence?

They have known this for hundreds, maybe thousands of years.

Long before modern science, shamans used sound to induce a trancelike state into other people. Healers used sound and complex rituals to trigger the healing process of their patients and military leaders used sound to inspire and get their troops motivated for battle.

Sound is powerful. Actually, what is powerful is not the sound itself, what we perceive, but rather the vibration of sound. This interacts with us and which creates emotions and states into our body.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

Now, I’m not talking about music.

Sure, music has a very strong effect too. Listen to a sad song and you’ll be sad. Listen to a happy song and you’ll boost your mood.

But while this is important, I’m talking rather about rhythmic frequencies that operate at certain frequencies and which interact both with the water in our bodies and with our DNA.

You can use sound to improve your health, to boost your creativity, to increase your focus and even to become a better communicator with those around you.

Yes, it’s that powerful.

But since you may have never heard of this before, let me explain how all of this works.

Secrets of Sound

And the best way to do this is to play music to a two – three-year-old. You’ll notice something interest. He’ll dance. Even if he has no idea what dancing is, he will automatically dance on the music.

Most adults just find this amusing but it’s proof of a deeper truth, one that have been revealed through countless experiments. This is that we have a natural, automatic connection with the surrounding vibrations. We’re automatically influenced by them.

Rhythmic vibrations are something we naturally detect and follow. Scientists don’t really know why but some assume that this has an evolutionary purpose that we’ve developed this ability to better understand the world.

Others say since everything is matter vibrating at a high speed, since all that is around you is nothing but energy vibrating, giving the impression of solid matter, this ability to connect with the vibrations around us and to be affected by them is found in our DNA, as natural as life itself.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

We don’t know for sure but we know it is true. Even weapons are developed and even used to incapacitate people through sound. It’s real. It exists right now. And they have also used sound as a form of alternative medicine for thousands of years since ancient times.

Great leaders and minds of the past discovered that sound can be used for everything from inspiring fear to bringing comfort and joy to calming groups of people and even to healing grave diseases.

And this means two things for you.

First, you can learn how to protect yourself.

Sound is not used only offensively. There is a long history of using sound for keeping crowds under control, to stifle creativity and to dull the emotions. Sound as a pacifying weapon is nothing new and the Nazi Germany used this to great effect.

Back then, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, an evil man which used every tool at his disposal to sell the great nazi lie used sound at 440 HZ to keep masses under control. He discovered through several experiments that people, when exposed to this frequency, even for a short time, are dulled and are less likely to rebel.

Some historians say his use of the 440 HZ in music, speeches and announcements has been a major tool for preventing the German people, tired of war and suffering from rebelling against the Nazi war machine.

While this is rare nowadays due to people’s access to information, some dictators and totalitarian leaders still use a sound at a 440 HZ frequency to keep crowds under control, dulling their instincts to rebel or to act against the interests of the leader.

Second, you can learn how to use sound to heal yourself and improve your life.

This may also be the most important thing you can do for your development as a person. If used properly, sound can change your life and it can change the frequencies on which you operate, so you become a better person.

You turn pain into joy.

You turn suffering into hope.

You turn conflict into love.

And all with the help of vibrations through the power of sound.

All healing frequencies are based on the seven solfeggio scales. These are ancient scales that can be tracked back to a medieval hymn of John the Baptist. It is the music of God and they have used it to heal and to bring comfort as early as 1000 AD.

Each frequency has a specific effect over your body.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

The first one is 396 HZ. This turns grief into joy and it is a very strong natural anti-depressant. Use it if you are going through a period of pain or suffering and you would like to be happy again.

The second one is 417 HZ. Using this frequency, you’ll cleanse traumatic experiences and facilitate change. It’s useful if something bad happened to you and you can’t move on. They have also used it to treat stress, even stress disorders and to calm anxious patients.

The third one is very important. It is 528 HZ, and it is the natural frequency of the Earth. This is the frequency at which nature vibrates and they prove it to repair DNA.

It was used back in 1930 by Dr. Royal Raymond Rife to cure cancer patients, with a 100% success rate. Since cancer treatment is a big business, earnings hundreds of billions per year, this discovery was quickly buried and forgotten.

This frequency is also used to manifest miracles in your life. It’s the frequency at which you’ll manifest, you’ll attract whatever you desire most. The closer you operate to this frequency, the better in sync you are in nature and the more likely you are to attract everything you desire.

The fourth frequency is 638 HZ. Using this frequency you become a better spouse, a better friend and a better communicator. It promotes empathy and releases anger, allowing you to better connect with those around you.

It’s also a useful frequency to listen together with your spouse, as it creates a bridge of understanding and love between the two of you. It brings people together.

The fifth frequency 741 HZ. Use this to develop your power of self expression. It makes you a better writer and a better creative. Many famous authors exposed themselves to 741 HZ during their writing process to create their masterpieces.

It’s also known for cleaning you of toxins, improving your health and boosting your immune system.

The sixth frequency is 852 HZ. It is especially useful if you feel lost from a spiritual perspective. Many people testified that they’ve rediscovered God after being exposed to this frequency. While nobody knows how it works, it makes everything clear and to see life and existence as it truly is.

The seventh and final frequency is 963 HZ. This is the frequency of God. Listen to it, expose yourself to it to heal and to empower your inner child, to become once again filled with hope and joy and laughter and to restore yourself to who you once were.

I’ve seen people who lost all faith in living, all hope go through this and return with the same spirit, hope and ambition of a 20-year-old.

It is hard to understand how effective these are until you try them. It’s almost a miracle how 30 minutes of exposing yourself to a frequency like 396 HZ can take your sadness away and make you smile and grin and not even know how.

It is hard to believe how well people will react to you after you expose yourself to 638 HZ. You’ll be able to get your point across better and even make people fall in love with you. It’s so effective that you’ll see it as a miracle, this is how I’ve seen it when I’ve first started this.

But how does this work?

Why does it happen the way it does?

To help you understand, we must delve into the science of cymatics and an experiment conducted by Masaru Emoto.

Mr. Emoto, a world renowned scientistic tried a simple experiment. He exposed water to different frequencies and to music. Then he froze the water and photographed the crystals through a high-powered camera.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

His findings surprised him.

The water that was exposed to the seven solfeggio scales developed beautiful, symmetrical geometrical shapes, similar to snowflakes. The water that was exposed to rock music and to unnatural frequencies like 440 HZ, the frequency used in Nazi Germany, looked polluted and monstrous by comparison.

This experiment has been repeated many times, and the results had always been the same. Classical music that is played mostly using 432 HZ, one of the seven solfeggio scales built beautiful geometric patterns. Unnatural tones that cause discomfort and pain to humans lead to uneven, ugly shapes.

But you know what?

While this is one of the best-known examples of cymatics, this is nothing new. They have known it as past as ancient Greece and Egypt. Long before laboratories and cameras existed, people in ancient times created geometrical shapes using sounds.

You may wonder though – why does it matter? Isn’t it just like a party trick?

Not really.

Your body is made about 70% of water. Your body is also made 100% of energy, as everything is around us. Energy vibrating at fast speeds give the impression of matter. This is elementary high-school physics.

Since water is one of the main building blocks of your body, how it reacts to the vibrations around you matters. And this is only what we can observe. Some scientists think vibrations affect your DNA, at the most elementary level, but we don’t have the tools to observe this. We can only observe what it does to water and the effects are extraordinary.

And even without these tests, even without these experiments, you know this already. You know how some vibrations make you feel relaxed and happy while others make you sick. You know well that classical music will improve your concentration and make you smile while rock music can make you aggressive.

If you stop just for a second and observe the world around you, then all of this makes sense, with or without understanding the science behind it.

This is why I’ve built Manifestation Magic around the seven solfeggio scales, especially around 432 HZ.

432 HZ is the favorite frequency of Mozart and Beethoven and it’s no surprise that many soon to be mothers play classical music from these two composers to their unborn child. It boosts emotions; it brings joy and a state of wellbeing, something that all the seven solfeggio scales achieve but this is especially effective.

Manifestation Magic is a program of brainwave entrainment built around the seven solfeggio scales, enhanced with NLP hidden commands. This means it uses sound strategically to help your brain relax and improve, to bring you joy and creativity and to make you feel better in your own skin.

The NLP commands on the other hand are hidden, embedded messages that will rebuild who you are from the ground up so you can automatically become a successful person. It’s like an architect that changes your beliefs, eliminating what doesn’t work for you and adding new ones that do so you can be the best version of yourself.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

So what can you expect when you use “Manifestation Magic”?

Well, it works on three different levels.

Let me explain them to you.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

First, the seven solfeggio scales will boost your mood. It will make you happy. Some people who used it before reported feeling like they’ve eaten their favorite dessert after using “Manifestation Magic”.

I don’t know how it will work for you in particular but almost everyone who uses it ends up in a joyful state, full of hope and passion.

Second, the brainwave entrainment is acting like a vitamin C for your brain. This means it makes everything better. You’ll vibrate on the same frequency as your innermost desires and you’ll slowly manifest everything you desire in your life.

Brainwave entrainment will make you have a good day, every day, through the simple fact you’ll manifest small and big miracles in everything you do.

Third, the NLP commands change who you are at your core. It helps you get rid of beliefs like “I’m not good enough” or “Who am I to succeed?”. It helps you be confident and powerful and gives you that jolt to pursue the life you fully desire.

So with “Manifestation Magic”, you don’t get one benefit.

You get three.

You relax and improve your brain with the seven solfeggio scales and especially with the 432 HZ frequency. You help yourself vibrate at the level of what you truly desire so you can manifest those small and big miracles. You improve who you are by changing your beliefs at the most basic level, helping you eliminate limiting beliefs and replacing them with a sense of power and potential.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

And how do you use all of this?

It’s as simple as putting your headsets on and listening to the program. You don’t have to do anything else. There’s no workbook. There’s nothing to study. You listen and let it happen.

I suggest you do it before sleep. Don’t do it while you drive because it may distract you but you can do it at home or at your office. If you feel like your spouse can enjoy this too, then do it together. “Manifestation Magic” is known to bring peace and happiness to couples, especially after a long period of stress and fighting.

There is just one thing you should do though.

It’s easy enough.

Think carefully of what you want. If you don’t get clear on your goals, on what you desire, it’s nearly impossible to manifest it. I’m not talking now to set goals or anything like that, although it is useful.

But instead, get clear.

Do you want love in your life?

How should this person look like? Tall? Short? What weight? What occupation? What music do they like?

I’ve had many customers do a simple exercise, write exactly what they wanted from their significant other, from the person who’d be ideal in their life, up to their ticks and small habits.

And guess what?

Many them attracted this person. Some got married in three months after listening to “Manifestation Magic”. Sometimes, the person they’ve attracted was so alike in their description it felt like they were casting for a movie role.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

This is the power of manifestation.

And it can be more than love. It can be money. Do you want something in your life? Maybe a better paid job? Maybe a sum of money?

Think about it. If it is a car, write the model, the color and even the extras. Does it come with one of those fancy iPads? Does it come with massage seats? Is it red or black or what color would you like?

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

The more specific you will get, the easier it will be for you to manifest it into your life. It’s hard to explain why it works but each time I visualize and think about what I desire, especially in great detail, I end up gaining it.

It’s not always the same. Maybe your ideal spouse is blonde and the person you attract is black-haired. But from experience, in my life and in the life of my friends, about 80% of it will come true, like you were creating it with your own mind.

And you are creating it with your own mind.

This is the definition of manifestation.

You manifest a new reality.

The Secrets of Sound & Vibration

And for this, you need just to get clearer on what you want and my program “Manifestation Magic”. Get clear on what your heart wants and then listen to my program daily.

From a source unknown that you can’t even predict you’ll receive your gift from the universe. It’s so hard to explain or to understand until you experience it.

But once you do, you’ll be a believer for the rest of your life.

You’ll think you’ve been blind all your life and now you can finally see.

To get started and to discover how “Manifestation Magic” will help you manifest the life you deserve, click on the link below.

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Manifestation Magic Review 2020


Manifestation Magic Review 2020

It’s not often that we come across a “law of attraction” type of product that helps you with love. Most of these products are concerned with wealth creation and living an abundant life.

But… we also live in a world where divorce rates are at an all-time high.

Relationships break up over the most trivial matters. The bookstores are filled with books such as “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “Men are From Mars. Women are from Outer Space”, etc.

All these books are about trying to find the right partner or manage a crumbling relationship. Some of the authors who wrote these books are divorced too!

So, our curiosity was piqued when we came across Manifestation Magic and one of our reviewers said that it helped her with her love life. Nothing whatsoever on the sales page mentioned anything about love.

It seemed to be all about wealth. So why did it work?

We decided to take a closer look at the program…

What You’ll Find Inside:

Before looking at the benefits of Manifestation Magic, let’s look at what you get – and you do get a lot.

  • – Quick Start Manifestation Guide (PDF, Kindle, iBook versions)
  • – Twilight Transformation Energy Orbiting Track
  • – 7 “Energy Orbiting” Tracks to Enhance Chakra Wealth Energy.
  • – The “Push Play” Audio App
  • – 60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee
  • – Bonus #1 – Chakra Power System
  • – Bonus #2 – 360 Transformation System
  • – 2 Surprise Bonuses – The Abundance Miracle System & 7 Sacred Signs

Manifestation Magic Review 2020

This package sure doesn’t hold back. We were quite surprised to receive so much content for a reasonably low price.

Manifestation Magic is a complete system that’s more comprehensive than most books in this genre… BUT… content alone isn’t enough.

There is still one VERY IMPORTANT question that must be answered…

Will Manifestation Magic Help You?

1. Actions that matter: The biggest problem we had with books like The Secret was that all you had to do was think positively to see results. This Pollyanna approach to manifesting wealth or anything in life sounds good, but rarely works. Manifestation magic requires you to listen to the audios. This is work. It’s not hard work – but it’s necessary work.

2. Builds a strong foundation: : The reason why Manifestation Magic works and has positive testimonials is because of the science behind it. You’re gently taken from a place of lack to a place of abundance. This is crucial.

The reason it helps you with your love life is because it improves your self-esteem. You discover that you are worth more than you realize.

Manifestation Magic is not only about wealth. It fixes the underlying and fundamental issues in your thinking that is sabotaging every aspect of your life in one way or another.

It’s very difficult to do this solely with books, because we are creatures of habit. So, by listening to the audios, we can delve deeply into the mind and fix the inconsistencies that are sabotaging our efforts. Manifestation Magic does this better than any book we’ve seen.

Manifestation Magic Review 2020 – Click Here

3. Consistency:By asking you to listen to the tracks daily, Manifestation Magic builds patterns of thought and habits without you even realizing it. You’re becoming more positive and your thinking is elevated to the next level.

4. Clearing out the trash: No amount of positive thinking can work if you’re still stuck in your old patterns of thinking. It’s like applying nail polish on a rash to hide it.

You must treat the problem. Manifestation magic has “Energy Orbiting” audio sessions to clear abundance blocks in your mind. By clearing the old obstacles, your path will now be clear to manifest miracles without your attempts being impeded.


5. All-Encompassing System: On the surface, Manifestation magic looked like just another run-of-the-mill self-help product. We were so wrong.

There are audios, a Quick Start guide and about 14 bonus audios that will help you with your wealth, love life, spirituality, etc. It’s so much more than a wealth attraction product and it lived up to its promises.

6. Easy to use: There’s no denying the fact that it’s easier to listen to audios rather than force yourself to think and visualize positive images when your life around you is in shambles. Manifestation Magic is a very practical and down-to-earth program that understands that you need to make changes WITHIN before you can make changes in your life. The canvas must be clean before you can create a masterpiece. We loved the audio tracks with the gentle pulsating sounds!

Manifestation Magic Review 2020 – Click Here

7. Genuine Testimonials: The official sales page has reviews from customers who have tried the product and seen changes in their life. That’s social proof that the audio tracks deliver on the promise.

8. Instant access: This is a digital product. You’ll get instant access to it and can start changing your immediately. No shipping costs or delays.

9. 60-Day Money Back Guarantee: This point alone shows the abundance mindset that Alexander has. He has so much faith in his product that he has given you enough time to test out the product and make changes in your life.

If it doesn’t work, you can always get your money back. We’re guessing that you won’t because Manifestation Magic will add magic in your life. Still, it’s a risk-free purchase.

What are Subliminal Messages and NLP?

Subliminal messages have been around for decades. Terms such as ‘self-hypnosis’, ‘binaural beats’ etc. have been used to describe audio tracks that gently work on reprogramming your subconscious mind while you sleep.

These tracks are easy to use because they require very little effort on your part. All you do listen to them when you’re in a sleepy and more suggestive state.

NLP refers to neurolinguistic programming and it was invented by Richard Bandler and John Grinder. NLP is used to change your behavioral patterns by altering your neurological processes. It’s akin to creating new outcomes by changing your habits.

What makes Manifestation Magic so powerful is that the audio tracks that come with this program infuse both subliminal messages and NLP. That makes these tracks even more potent and effective.

Manifestation Magic Review

Any downsides to this product?

There are a few downsides. No product is perfect… and thankfully, the only 2 cons we could fine were just minor issues.

Manifestation Magic Review 2020 – Click Here

1) Can only be purchased online You’ll not be able to purchase this product from a bookstore. It’s a digital product and you need a computer and an internet connection to access and download it.

The product vendors intentionally made it this way so that they could keep the production costs low and make it affordable to the masses – and help as many people as possible.

2) Audio tracks may not be suitable for everyone

Some people may find it difficult to listen to the tracks because the frequency may be jarring to them. This is a very small minority – but it happens.

The good news is that you just need to contact the support team of Manifestation Magic and they’ll mix a new audio track for you with a different frequency that you can easily listen to – and they will do it for FREE! Excellent customer support here.

Should You Buy It?

Definitely! This product delivers what it says on the tin. You’re backed by a guarantee and you’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain.

It bridges the gap between visualization and results. The audios will accelerate your results if you’re already practicing daily visualization. It’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

There must be action, if you wish to see results. Listening to the audios is the action that you must take to change your life fast and manifest the health you wish to see.

When you correct your thought patterns, not only will you make more money, but all the heartaches and relationship problems will disappear and be a thing of the past. You’ll discover what you truly want in a partner and will attract the RIGHT person into your life.

No more tears, screaming, shouting, breakups, divorces and other messy affairs. Manifestation Magic would have cleared your old negative thoughts and self-image. Your self-worth will go up and your future partner will be the one for you.

Give this program a try and you’ll never look back.

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Change Your Life Forever!


Learn This, and Your Life Will Change Forever!

I’d like you to imagine a garden.

In this garden, the soil is always rich with nutrients and what you plant, it will grow. There is rain and sun so you don’t have to worry about anything.

You can plant anything. There are no restrictions.

You can plant roses or you can plant poison ivy. You can plant tomatoes or you can plant nightshade, a deadly poison. What you put in, as a seed, will eventually grow into something much bigger.

This garden is your mind and the seeds you can plant are your thoughts.

Your mind is a fertile place where the thoughts you plant, will grow and make up for what your life is.

Or as the old passage from the Bible goes, from the book of proverbs, chapter 23, verse 7:

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,”.

Your thoughts, your convictions, manifest the surrounding reality.

Your life, good or bad, is nothing more than a reflection of the thoughts you’ve planted in your mind and nourished. These thoughts became behaviors. Behaviors became results.

You are where you are right now because deep down in your heart, this is where you wanted to be, no matter how sad or unfair this may sound.

This principle is one of the oldest spiritual laws in existence. It’s also one of the best known. You may know it under a different term.

Manifestation Magic

This is “you become what you think about”.

And you can find this in all of world’s religions.

Some variation of this exists in Hinduism, in Christianity and in basically every other major religion. It’s found in all belief systems, as the one used by the Chinese. It’s as much of a universal law as gravity. Long before books existed, wise people understood that our thoughts manifest our reality.

It works on two levels.

First, your beliefs are connected to the universe on a quantum level. We manifest what we really believe.

Let me make this clear though.

You don’t manifest what you think you believe. You manifest what’s in your heart. If you believe you deserve unhappiness and pain, then no matter what you say, this you’ll get.

A great deal of people believe they have positive thoughts when their inner voice is always negative and destructive.

That voice will always win. Maybe this is why LoA fails for so many people – they’re trying to grow trees of prosperity and success while planting seeds of doubt and pain and suffering.

It doesn’t work this way.

You get what’s in your heart. The universe will manifest it. But what’s in your heart is the truth and we may not always know of this truth.

Life doesn’t give you what you intended.

Life gives you what you ask.

And while many people intend for wealth and joy and health, their thoughts are of poverty and sadness and despair. Since this is what they’re planting, this is what the universe is manifesting.

Second, your thoughts lead to beliefs.

Your beliefs lead to actions.

Your actions lead to outcomes.

Your outcomes leads to your destiny.

The thoughts you plant in your mind will determine how you act, on a level that’s so subtle that you can’t even perceive it. Who you are, is the consequence of the thoughts you’ve adopted.

It’s hard to realize this.

It’s on the same level of breathing.

You realize your breath only if you pay attention. You realize your behavior and where it comes from only if you analyze it. But everything you are comes from the thoughts you’ve once planted in your mind and then let them become a part of you.

So when you plant positive thoughts, you get positive results.

When you plant love and happiness, your behavior will reflect love and it will create happiness for yourself and for others.

When you plant thoughts of prosperity and wealth, your behavior will create wealth and prosperity in the world.

Think of this like the captain of an airplane. An airplane is huge, carries hundreds of passengers and weighs tens of tons. Yet, you will find just one or two pilots in the cockpit, controlling this huge machine.

So is with your life.

Even if your behavior is infinitely complex, there are just a few thoughts that control all of it and if you replace those thoughts, everything will change for you too.

The thoughts you plant in it will both manifest reality as in creating reality itself and shape your behavior to create the results you want.

Both are important.

This world is a 50 – 50 place.

The universe can manifest the opportunities you require at this moment but you must act to take advantage. If luck knocks at your door, you still need to open the door.

It’s like in this old joke.

A fisherman is caught up in a storm. His boat is sinking. Desperate, he prays to God.

“God, please save me, I’ll be good, I’ll repent, just save me”

A few minutes later, a boat shows up.

“Hi there, do you need any help?”, the good Samaritan asks him.

“No, no, God will save me”, the fisherman answers.

Perplexed, the savior leaves.

Ten minutes later, the same things happen. Another boat shows up. They offer to help him. The fisherman refuses saying that God will help him.

Eventually, the boat sinks, he dies and goes to heaven. There, face to face with God, he asks …

“God, why did you left me to die? I prayed to you and I promised I’ll repent for my sins”.

God looks at him and says “What are you talking about? I’ve sent you two boats”.

This is a joke, but this is how life works too.

We manifest opportunities but you must take advantage of these opportunities. If you are a real estate agent and you want to close a huge deal, your thoughts will manifest this opportunity. The universe will align the people, places and circumstances for this to happen.

But these people, places and circumstances won’t come to you in your living room. You must still act and do something.

Or maybe you want to find the love of your life.

Thoughts of love and appreciation will manifest your ideal partner but your partner won’t knock at the door and ask you for a date.

The universe is like a tree that offers you the fruits you need, in infinite abundance, but you still must grab those fruits from the tree.

And it all starts with your thoughts, with your beliefs.

Make a commitment now to fill your mind with positive thoughts. Make a commitment to think only thoughts of love and joy and wealth.

At first, it will be hard.

If you’re used to plant only poison in your mind, it will take a while until you take it all out. But once you do, you’ll notice something incredible happening. You’ll see how you’ll walk into the right circumstances. You’ll find yourself in the right places, at the right time, to get what you want.

How can I help you do this?

Manifestation Magic contains hidden NLP commands which act as seeds to plant in your subconscious mind.

NLP is a powerful technology built around the best schools of psychotherapy and hypnosis. It allows you to “program” your subconscious mind – planting seeds into the fertile ground of your mind and heart.

This means you can listen to these tracks before going to sleep and change what you think, putting no effort at all.

Manifestation Magic always contains the best of brainwave entrainment, which trains the brain to operate at a higher frequency and is built around the Solfeggio scales, tones that will heal you and help you manifest miracles in your life.

Click below to discover how Manifestation Magic can help you plant better thoughts into your mind and manifest the life you deserve.

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10 Minute Awakening Review

10 Minute Awakening Review is my personal experience of  this mind hack.

Have you ever had a truly spiritual experience?

For most people, spirituality is more of an idea than something they actually get to feel.

But if you use the right techniques, it’s possible to open your mind to the Universe and experience something on a whole new level.

Science has recently discovered that “feelings of spiritual harmony” and “seeing the light” aren’t just religious beliefs: they are real events that take place in the brain.

And by studying the brain in detail, we now know it’s possible to stimulate similar events with the right frequencies!

This program was discovered by a man who actually died and came back to life, so he knows what that sense of peace and harmony really feels like.

10 Minute Awakening Review – this program really works.

And he’s sharing this secret with everyone.

The program is called The 10 Minute Awakening.

What’s Inside the 10 Minute Awakening:

This program is frankly massive. The amount of stuff included is almost unbelievable.

  • 10 Minute Awakening (3-Week Audio Program)
  • 10 Minute Awakening Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus #1: Stress Destroyer 
  • Bonus #2: Gamma Healing
  • Bonus #3: Genius Frequency
  • Bonus #4: Creative Sleep
  • Bonus #5: Alpha Bonus Track
  • Bonus #6: Theta Bonus Track
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Most of those bonus programs retails for about $50 – $90 each, and they’re all included for free.

And the program actually costs less than that if you buy it through the special offer included at the end of this review!

But you still need to know how this program actually works, and more importantly, if it will work for YOU!

Does the 10 Minute Awakening work?

The simple answer is “yes!”

We wouldn’t recommend it if the program didn’t work.

But here’s exactly how this system delivers such amazing results in all areas of life:

  1. 3 Proven Scientific Principles: This program combines guided meditation, expert hypnosis, and brain-wave frequency stimulation, all proven by science to cause real, measurable changes in your brain. By putting all 3 together, this system is much more powerful than any other audio program we’ve seen.
  2. Subconscious Reprogramming: Your conscious mind only takes up 5% of your brain. The other 95% is subconscious! If you only make changes in your conscious mind, you’re simply not getting the most results possible. Improving your subconscious is a much faster and more powerful way to improve your life, whether that means manifesting more abundance or clearing away bad habits.
  3. Comprehensive Approach: Things like The Secret and the Law of Attraction only use a small portion of the possible techniques that can improve the abundance in your life. (And they don’t take advantage of your subconscious, either, so you’re really missing out on 95% of the possible results.)
  4. Neuro-Linguistic Programming: NLP is basically using language in a way that your brain understands. For example, our brains don’t actually have a built-in mechanism for “not.” So when you say, “I will not eat cake,” your brain is really just thinking about cake! (Seriously, try not thinking of an elephant… and you’ll be stuck thinking of an elephant.)
  5. Easy-to-Follow: This 3-week program gives you a unique 10-minute audio session for each week. There’s no complicated online course or difficult instructions. You just put on your headphones, relax, and let the program do its magic!
  6. Success Stories: The 10 Minute Awakening has some really incredible success stories from people who have used it. Some people went from being broke to having a ton of real financial success. Others are happier, less stressed, and more fulfilled. And every testimonial has been verified!
  7. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: If someone isn’t willing to put their money where their mouth is, you can’t trust them. But the 10 Minute Awakening has an unconditional money-back guarantee, so if you don’t love the results (and we know you will), you can just get your money back. There’s no risk, and it just might change your life!

So… how does this program rewrite your subconscious?

10 Minute Awakening Review – Check it here

How Does 10 Minute Awakening Rewrite Your Subconscious?

The subconscious mind takes up 95% of your brain.

When most products try to help you improve your life, they focus on the conscious mind: making you think positive thoughts, daydreaming about abundance, telling you to focus on manifesting wealth, etc.

But they miss out on 95% of your potential for change!

The 10 Minute Awakening uses proven frequencies that stimulate your brain to physically grow and trigger a change in your subconscious.

These sound waves have been proven in research labs to “open up” the subconscious part of your brain, which allows you to erase negative thinking and replace it with an attitude of abundance and success.

This subconscious change makes your life improve automatically, without any conscious effort. 

10 Minute Awakening Review10 Minute Awakening Review

Do Sounds Really Have the Power to Change Your Brain?

If you’ve ever had an emotional or spiritual experience while listening to music, then you already know the answer to that question!

But yes, the 10 Minute Awakening team has been very open with all the research behind their product. They aren’t hiding anything behind “trade secrets” or “proprietary software.”

They want everyone to know exactly how it works, and all the research that backs it up.

And research shows that our brains use certain frequencies for certain activities.

They mention how your subconscious operates at a particular frequency, or rhythm. And in order to trigger that part of your brain, you simply need to listen to a sound wave calibrated to the same frequency.

Once your subconscious opened, an expert hypnotist will lead you through a guided meditation session in which you will erase negativity, create more success, and embrace abundance more easily.

What’s the Downside?

There are 2 possible downsides to this program, but depending on your personal preferences, it might not be an issue.

First of all, this program is only available online. You can download the audio sessions directly to your computer, phone, tablet, or laptop, and listen with any pair of headphones. But if you prefer CDs, they’re not currently available, due to demand.

Second, this program relies entirely on audio stimulation. While that makes it easy for most of us, people who are hard of hearing, deaf, or can only hear in one ear may have problems. (Both ears receive different sounds in order to trigger the right frequency stimulation in the brain, so if you can only hear in one ear, it may not be as effective.)

If those two downsides don’t matter to you, the 10 Minute Awakening is scientifically proven and guaranteed to work for you.


10 Minute Awakening Review – Check it here

Should You Buy the 10 Minute Awakening?

Yes! If you’re ready to change your life for the better, this program is the most reliable system we’ve seen.

The scientific evidence is overwhelming, and right now, it’s available for a ridiculously low price, even with all 6 bonus gifts included.

Again, the program can be downloaded to any phone or computer, so you can get started right now and experience a massive change in your life starting today.

We’ve never seen any other program work that fast, so give it a try. It’s 100% guaranteed, and you can get your special offer with the unique link here:

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Unleash Your Full Potential

Unleash Your Full Potential and rewire your brain.

3 Powerful Ways to Rewire Your Brain and Unleash Your Full Potential

Plus… One Simple Trick to Combine All 3 and Get the Best Possible Results.
Your brain is the most important possession you have.

It’s the source of all your knowledge, beliefs, and goals. It can bring you incredible success… or sabotage you with failure.
With the right guidance, your brain can become your secret weapon, unleashing your full potential and making your dreams come true, quickly and easily.
If that sounds too good to be true, keep reading.
You’re about to discover 3 scientifically proven tricks for physically transforming your brain and achieving your goals like never before.
Plus, at the end, you’ll learn one simple way to combine all 3 techniques into an incredibly powerful, life-changing hack.

Unleash Your Full Potential – Click here


#1: Meditation. 
Meditation is an ancient mental exercise that trains your brain to focus, clear away negative thoughts, and improve your thought patterns.
By focusing the mind on one thing, you can actually spark a physical change in your brain waves and neurological structure.
In fact, studies of monks have shown that experienced meditators have significantly different brains from the rest of us.
Their brains are more balanced, using both sides of the brain equally, and flowing with Theta waves, which calm the mind and reduce stress. 
Those Theta waves make your brain take control of the senses. You’re no longer the victim of the world around you: instead, your brain is in a state of deep relaxation, dominating the experiences you have.
Of course, achieving this level of meditative power is very difficult!
It takes years, sometimes decades, for monks to reach this level of mental control.
Luckily, new research has revealed a powerful way to reach that deep level of meditation in just 10 minutes!
>>> Click here to learn how you can unlock your brain’s full potential in 10 minutes a day.


unleash your full potential
#2: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) sounds difficult to understand, but the concept is simple.
Even though your conscious brain is very good at processing human languages, your subconscious brain doesn’t respond to that language the way you might expect it to.
For example, if you simply tell yourself to “lose weight” or “make more money,” your subconscious brain doesn’t translate that information into a useful transformation in your mind.
After all, how many times have you told yourself you were going to make a big change in your life, only to go back to the same old habits?
Your subconscious simply can’t be tricked by normal language.
NLP uses scientific studies of the brain to effectively “rewrite” the subconscious mind.
We use the words, phrases, and ideas that are scientifically proven to trigger real changes in your brain’s chemistry and structure.
For example, when you’re dealing with a negative emotion, imagine yourself floating outside of your body, looking at yourself from a third-person perspective.
Suddenly, your anxiety, self-doubt, or your desire to eat an entire pizza seems to fade away.

Unleash Your Full Potential – Click here

The subconscious brain doesn’t understand the words “don’t eat that pizza,” but it does understand the concept of separating yourself from a specific emotion.
But there are some sounds that do trigger changes in your brain… just not the sounds you’ve heard before.
#3: Binaural Beats Technology. (The Secret Soundwaves that Heal Your Body and Trigger Changes in the Brain.)
Binaural Beats Technology may sound like a futuristic concept, but it’s something scientists have been studying for a long time.
“Binaural” simply means “both ears.” 
Binaural Beats are sound waves that pulse at a particular rhythm, changing from one ear to the other.
But this simple sound waves can do amazing things… 
In fact, if you use the exact right frequencies, Binaural Beats Technology can trigger significant changes in your brain chemistry and structure!
How is that possible?
Because your brain actually responds to the frequencies of those sounds.
Your brain uses certain patterns, or frequencies, to send particular messages.
Anxiety, fear, depression, happiness, excitement, focus, and even wealth, productivity, and weight loss all have unique brainwave blueprints.
Those brain waves follow certain frequencies, and Binaural Beats Technology forces your brain to change to the desired frequency using only sounds!
If that sounds extreme, don’t worry: it’s 100% safe.
In just a few minutes, the frequencies of Binaural Beats Technology can force your subconscious mind to change in the exact way you want, whether that means manifesting more abundance or simply reducing stress and anxiety.
And now, it’s finally possible to combine all three techniques in one powerful brain hack called the 10 Minute Awakening.
Combine Meditation, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Binaural Beats Technology to Rapidly Transform Your Mind.
There’s a simple and easy way to transform your mind, trigger incredible growth in your brain, and experience a whole new level of existence. 
You’ll rewire your mind to achieve more incredible things, including growing your wealth and increasing your productivity.
You can even get the body you want with the right subconscious changes!
And it works by combining the deep relaxation of meditation, the transformative power of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and the brain-stimulating force of Binaural Beats Technology.
You’ll be amazed at how much your brain changes in the first 10-minute session… and how much better your life will in just a few days.
>>> Click here to learn more about this incredible scientific breakthrough that will change your life forever.<<<

Self Love Practise


Self Love Practise – 10 Powerful Ways

Self-love practise is difficult for most of us to practice.
After all, we live in a world that constantly demands more from us, telling us we’re not enough, and making us feel bad for the things we don’t have.
But that’s not the right way to live!
Everyone deserves to feel self-love. And not only does it feel good, but it will actually help you be more productive, successful, and intelligent!
That’s because guilt and stress are damaging to your productivity and mental abilities.
So with a little self-love, you can become a better parent, entrepreneur, or professional. Whatever your goal is in life, self-love can help you get there.
Here are 10 powerful ways to feel deep self-love today.

Self Love Practise – Click here

#1: Explore New Things.
If you’re like most people, you probably read that and thought, “oh, I would LOVE to go to Paris, but I can’t afford it!”
You don’t have to travel across the globe to explore new things!
Is there a restaurant in town you haven’t tried yet? Is there a park or hiking trail you haven’t visited? 
Most of the time, the reason we don’t explore new things isn’t that we don’t have enough money or even enough time… it’s because we don’t make it a priority to give ourselves the joy of a new experience!
So take a few minutes today to try something new, even if that just means a new coffee creamer!

Self Love Practise – Click here

#2: Acknowledge that You Deserve a Better Life. (You Have to Really Believe It!)
Everyone wants a better life, but do you truly believe that you deserve it?
Most people don’t, and that’s why they’re able to repeat the same old routine, day in and day out, over and over again, without ever making a change.
In fact, most people are downright MISERABLE on a daily basis, but since they don’t believe they deserve anything better, they accept it and stick with their routine.
If you truly believe you deserve a better life, you will – S T O P – the routine that’s making you feel empty and stressed out.
You have to make a decision to accept the abundance in the Universe and take your fair share.
Don’t worry… there’s enough for everyone! 
And you deserve it.
#3: Meditate Every Single Day.Meditation is hard. Simply getting your mind to quiet down and relax is a huge challenge. But it’s 100% worth it. Science has proven the long list of benefits from meditation, including:

  • Increased intelligence.
  • Reduced stress.
  • Physical healing.
  • Improved memory.
  • Less anxiety and depression.
  • Increased attention span.
  • And much more.

Your mind is the most important thing you have. A healthy, strong brain can help you excel in all areas of life. Your professional career, your relationships, your ability to increase your wealth, and even your battle for a better body… all of it can be improved through meditation. And even though meditation can be a real challenge, there are some tricks to make it virtually automatic. (More on that later.)#4: Give Yourself a Break from Guilt and Shame.

Self Love Practise

Self Love Practise – Click here

People naturally burden themselves with guilt and shame.

You might not even realize you’re doing it!
Maybe you didn’t get a promotion you were hoping for. Maybe you missed an important event recently that you wish you could’ve gone to. Or maybe you simply feel that you haven’t given your family the life of wealth and success they deserve.
But by putting that guilt on yourself, you only make it more difficult to achieve your goals!
Take a moment to forgive yourself. Stop crushing yourself with shame. Accept the fact that everyone makes mistakes, and what matters most is what you choose to do next.
With a more positive attitude, you can achieve great things!#5: Put More Resources Into Making Your Own Life Better.
If a friend asked to borrow $50, you’d probably give it to them.
If a restaurant charges $50 for some mediocre food and a few drinks, you pay up!
But when it comes time to invest $50 in yourself, to make your own life better… suddenly, you clam up!
You think, “I don’t deserve to spend that money on myself.”
And that’s a serious problem!
It’s not just about spending money, of course… we often give away so much of our TIME to other people, without ever spending time on ourselves.
You deserve to put your own resources into improving your life.
After all, if you’re not willing to do it, no one else will do it for you! 
#6: Write Down Three Grateful Thoughts Today. (Seriously, Write It Down!)
I already know you’re thinking of cheating.
You’re going to just think about something positive and grateful instead of actually writing it down.
Don’t do that to yourself!
Remember: it’s time to start putting your resources (time & money) into making your life better.
If someone else asked you to write down a list for them, you would do it! So why not put that same energy into writing a list that will make your life better?
It’s been proven that being grateful increases your sense of happiness, reduces stress, and can even fight depression.
And it will only take you a few minutes!
This exercise may be surprisingly difficult at first. We spend so much time thinking about the things we need to fix, the things we need to change, that we never take time to think about what we’re grateful for.
It doesn’t have to be a profound list, either. Maybe you’re grateful for some nice weather, a new coffee shop, and a great book.
Whatever it is, take time to write it down.

Self Love Practise – Click here

#7: Listen and Be Ready for Divine Signs.
Everything happens for a reason, right?
There are forces at work in the Universe that we can’t see or understand, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore the signs!
Sometimes, we’re in just the right place, at just the right time, and the Universe gives us a little nudge.
If you’ve been feeling stressed out and overworked, and someone suddenly offers you a vacation… that’s a good sign!
If you’ve been looking for a way to live a better, happier life, and the answer just falls in your lap… that’s a good sign!
Don’t ignore the messages you’re being sent.
Be open to the signs you’re getting. Allowing yourself to see the positive messages and opportunities around you is a critical part of loving yourself.
#8: Say “No” When People Ask Too Much of You.Everyone is constantly demanding more from you. Your boss, your family, your friends… they mean well, but sometimes, they can ask too much of you. And only YOU can decide when enough is enough! You want to be a helpful, dependable person… and that’s awesome! But if you spread yourself too thin, you aren’t truly loving yourself. Plus, you can’t be helpful to anyone if you’re constantly stressed out and overworked. Sometimes the best way to take care of other people is to take care of yourself first. But how do you actually practice saying “no”? For most of us, agreeing to do more work or give too much of ourselves is automatic. In order to break the cycle, you have to make a decision ahead of time. By drawing a line and saying “this is as much as I can do,” you’ll be better prepared to say “no” the next time you’re asked for a big (or small) favor. And remember: Saying “no” isn’t rude. In fact, you can be extremely polite about it! Here are a few examples of how to say “no” without hurting someone’s feelings.

  • I’m sorry, but I just don’t have the time to give this project the focus and attention it deserves.
  • I would love to help, but I believe Chelsea would be a better fit.
  • With everything I’m doing right now, this project won’t be as successful. If you can delay it by a few weeks, we would get much better results.

Ultimately, saying “no” to someone else’s request is a way to say “yes” to yourself: “yes” to your own happiness, healing, and success.#9: Say “Yes” When Opportunities Arise! (Don’t Be Afraid to Get What You Deserve.)


Self Love Practise – Click here

Sometimes, an opportunity will fall in your lap.

It might be the most amazing opportunity you’ve seen in years… and yet, your still feel the impulse to say no!


Why are you willing to deny yourself the joy and happiness you deserve?

Sometimes it’s because of money: you don’t want to spend $50 on yourself, even though you’ll spend hundreds of dollars on other people.

Other times, you’re afraid of making a change, even if that change is something you really want.

Just like drawing a line before hand can help you say “no,” it’s good to make a conscious effort to say “yes” the next time an opportunity presents itself.

Take a moment to open yourself to new opportunities BEFORE they arise, so that you’ll be ready to say “yes” when you get the chance!

So how do you recognize a new opportunity?

Here are a few easy ways to identify amazing opportunities, even if you’re not sure of yourself:

  • Does it make you nervous? Sometimes when we’re scared, that’s a sign that it’s time to jump into a new adventure!
  • Will you be 100% happy if you pass this up? If you know you’ll regret it, don’t let fear stop you from taking what you want!
  • Would you tell someone else to take the opportunity in front of you? It’s easy to tell your friend to take a big promotion or embrace a new moment of success in life, because you don’t have to deal with the fear yourself. If you would tell someone else to embrace their opportunity, you should do it, too!

#10: Make Your Journey Easier.

Finally, no matter who you are or what you’re trying to achieve, there are ways to make your life easier.
You don’t have to struggle. You don’t have to do everything yourself.
There are plenty of people out there who can help you in every area of your life.
And it’s not just about making your own life easier.
Let’s say you want to increase your wealth and abundance in life. Getting help will not only make your life easier, but it will help your family enjoy the security and comfort they deserve.
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Creative Thinking Exercises

In Just 10 Minutes, This Trick Gives You the Focus, Creative Thinking Exercises, and Relaxation of a Buddhist Monk.

Meditation is one of the most powerful techniques in the world.

By focusing the mind on one thing for an extended period of time, we can grow our brains, reduce depression and anxiety, increase focus and creative thinking, tap into our subconscious minds, and more.

And new research shows that the benefits of meditation are even greater than previously thought.

We now know that meditation can heal your body, restore youthfulness, and increase energy levels.

The only problem is that meditation can be difficult, and in some cases, it takes 10 to 20 years to master.

Luckily, new research has discovered a simple technique that grows your brain and triggers incredible focus and creative thinking in just 10 minutes.

Why Meditation Is So Hard

Meditation is one of the most challenging activities out there.

Even if you manage to find a quiet spot and an hour of time for yourself each day, getting relaxed and clearing out your mind can take a lot of effort.

For many people, meditation never seems to “work.”

No matter how hard they try, they always experience the same restlessness, lack of energy, difficulty concentrating, and frustration.

But the rewards are still incredibly tempting.

Meditation Can Literally Grow Your Brain… and It Might Be Easier Than You Think

Research shows that meditation can actually grow certain parts of your brain, including the hippo-campus.

That’s important because its the part of your brain associated with long-term memory.

Improving this area of your brain can help you learn new concepts, speak a new language, or simply strengthen your mind.

But that’s not all…

You know how people say you only use 10% of your brain?

That’s not exactly true, but it is true that the two sides of your brain, the left and right hemisphere, don’t normally work together in unison.

However, meditation can unlock your full potential by getting your entire brain to work together.

Creative Thinking Exercises

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Unlock Your Full Potential with Brain Synchronization… in Just 10 Minutes.

When both sides of your brain work together, it’s called “brain synchronization.”

This enables you to achieve more than you’re normally capable of.

For example, you might have more creative ideas, come up with brilliant solutions to hard problems, or simply find yourself feeling more relaxed and happy.

Brain synchronization is the key to unlocking your “mental superpowers.”

The Ancient, Healing Technique of Meditation Is Now Easier Than Ever.

If you’ve ever wanted to unlock your mental superpowers and reach your full potential, but you just couldn’t find time to meditate every day, don’t worry: there’s a new solution.

Scientists have been studying new ways to stimulate brain growth and trigger massive changes in focus, relaxation, healing, and happiness.

And thankfully, you don’t have to get hooked up to a bunch of wires to get the effects! You can actually rejuvenate your mind and body at home in just 10 minutes a day.

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Watch the Video that Changed My Life: How to Unlock Your Full Potential in Just 10 Minutes a Day.

This is an amazing story.

This man died in a car accident, and then was revived.

But after his experience in the afterlife, he discovered a new way to stimulate brain growth and give everyday people like you and me the mental superpowers of a Buddhist monk.

It’s really incredible, and the possibilities are endless.

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Look, I don’t know if you’re going to become a genius after watching that video.

But I do know that this proven technique will increase your focus, happiness, and relaxation.

It’s worth a shot, don’t you think?

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Human Brain Wave Frequency

Human Brain Wave Frequency.  Incredible New Research Reveals How We Can Reach Our Full Potential in Minutes

Your brain is the most powerful computer on the planet.

Even though technology has made huge improvements in the last few years, PCs aren’t anywhere near as powerful as the human brain.

From creative genius to abstract concepts, humans can do incredible things.

We even have the power to change the Universe around us.

But the only problem is… we can’t access all of our power on command.

That’s why scientists have been studying the brain and finding new ways to unlock our full potential.

And recently, they’ve discovered the key to turning up the power in our brains and becoming smarter, more focused, and more relaxed.

Do You Ever Feel Amazing One Day… and Sluggish the Next?

We all have ups and downs.

One day, you feel like you can conquer the world. You blaze through your work, you crush your to-do list, and you have amazing, creative new ideas.

The next day, you’re completely exhausted. You have to push yourself just to get going and check your email.

What’s going on?

Why do our brains switch on and off so quickly, and how can we take control?

Human Brain Wave  Frequency

Human Brain Wave Frequency – Click Here

The Problem is Your Brain’s “Random” Settings.

Our brains communicate with “brain wave frequencies.”

There are unique frequencies that your brain uses for creative thinking, relaxation, stress, relaxation, and more.

Everything you think or do has a unique brain “fingerprint.”

But normally, those brain waves change a bit randomly.

They flip on and off, so that your moments of creative genius only come once in a while.

Scientists Have Proven that Unique Brain Wave Frequencies Are Activated During Certain Activities.

Not only that, but neurologists have found that people in a deep state of meditation have powerful brain waves of a unique frequency that unlock our full potential as human beings.

With the right brain wave frequency, it’s possible to become more focused, creative, and intelligent.

The only problem there is… most of us don’t have 8 hours a day to meditate.

It’s Finally Possible to Trigger The Exact Brain Wave Frequency You Want in Just Minutes.

Imagine being able to grow your brain, just by using a pair of headphones.

Imagine unlocking your full potential in 10 minutes a day.

That’s exactly what neurologists are saying is finally possible.

Using a carefully calibrated sound frequency, scientists are able to trigger rapid brain growth and force the right brain waves to start pulsing.

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Reach Your Full Potential and Unleash Your Creativity, Focus, and Genius in 10 Minutes.

By using the frequencies associated with creative genius, stress relief, or focus, scientists now say it’s possible to change your brain in incredible ways.

You can learn exactly how it’s done in this video:

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Now, I can tap into my brain’s full potential on command, and the results are amazing.

I simply can’t put it into words.

You should see the effects for yourself.

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